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An Expose of Indologists of the Raj & their Gurus

TRUTHS - 500 Years European Christians in History
by Prodosh Aich & MVR Nair

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Life is full of surprises. The paths to insight, knowledge and truth are also full of surprises. The authors of this book come together by remarkable circumstances. These two authors belong to two distant generations. They live also at two distant places................

...................This book does not intend to describe our past, does not intend to add just another story to the lot, as modern historians do. It simply puts facts coherently together that are based on primary documentary sources. It is a report of a rigorous scrutiny of secondary sources. It puts scholars and their scholarly deliberations to the test of validity collating with the primary documents.


Max Muller is a demigod in India. The Federal Republic of Germany uses Max Muller for its propaganda not only in all cultural matters in India. All over the world the Federal Republic of Germany call their propaganda institution "Goethe-Institutes". In India they call it Max-Mueller-Bhavan.

The intention of this manoeuvre is obvious. Young Indians should believe that in Max-Mueller-Bhavans the spirit of Max Muller prevails. It is like coming home. It is the Bhavan (residence) of Max Muller. He is not an Indian. He is more than an Indian. He has been propagated as a real friend of India and of Indians. He has saved the ancient Indian Culture, its vast literature in a no more spoken language called Sanskrit. He is much more than the Rishis, the seer-scientists of Bharatavarsa. So it is systematically propagated. This story is utter swindle and shameless as well. Yet this story has been accepted by the Republic of India. How long will this acceptance prevail?

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