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Lies With Long Legs
An Expose of Indologists of the Raj & their Gurus


Truths : 500 years European Christians in History
New Book by Prodosh Aich & MVR Nair

TRUTHS is an extraordinaryly interesting and thought-provoking book. It should be easily accessible in every reputable public library at least in Western countries or, better still, worldwide. But TRUTHS is also an unusually provocative book. Even in a twofold sense.

Prologue: Modern scholars and their sciences.


It is a hard hitting book written in a very unusual style. There are many bold letters in the text which come regularly and repeatedly. The important passages are repeated in a very emphatic manner to drive the point home. It explains how the European kingdoms, Christian churches especially the Vatican, and the Universities came together in an unholy nexus to create a hegemony of their Christian culture and their ideologies. The wars, genocide, looting of foreign lands have been very brutal. Vasco Da Gama and Christopher Columbus have been termed as explorers but they were rather plunderers of a great sort. The story of exploitation and systematic looting of foreign lands was initiated by these so called explorers. It is a myth that they came to trade with India. They never had anything with them to trade. The Portugese started with the conquests of coastal western India. It was a brutal conquest. The Goa Inquisition was set up in Goa which brutally killed and exploited a good number of Hindus and Muslims. Anyway, conquering foreign lands with deceit has been the culture of the Europeans. The Church whole heartedly supported them and the Vatican many times gave a sanction to conquer foreign land with divine order. So, many times, the looters and plunderers justified their cruel acts as the will of God against primitive people. The universities and colleges formed the third angle of the unholy trinity which gave an ideological twist to all the horrors which were perpetrated by the European kings. The world wars were initiated in the European countries, and their fights became the fights for the whole world. India had nothing to do with the European power politics, but it still lost thousands of soldiers in the name of an ideological war. Max Mueller and the other celebrated Indologists like William Jones, Franz Bopp, Roberto Nobili, Charles Wilkins were all cheats and swindlers and the extreme word ‘intellectual prostitutes’ is frequently applied to them. Max Mueller was the biggest swindler of all times. Using the letters written to his mother, his autobiography and the biography written by his English wife, his life has been systematically constructed in greatest detail. The details are hardly flattering. His life was a total academic failure. He did not have the degrees with him from any university though he claimed to be an MA and a PhD. He was on the payroll of the East India Company, especially chosen by Macaulay to undermine Hindu scriptures and give them a Christian angle. He had a missionary agenda clearly revealed in the letters he wrote. The Aryan invasion theory is a fantasy created by his sick mind, which has played a havoc with Indian people even to this date. Our historians have taken up the theory to give an extreme ideological twist. Places like Oxford were responsible for giving extraordinary twists and justification to the foreign exploits. It is a matter of great shame to the European cultures which also conquered places like USA, Australia, and New Zealand by sheer exploitation and cunning. They were supposed to do trade with foreign cultures, but they never did that. They were never traders trying to improve their lot and people, but they were brutal exploiters who simply looted and are presently responsible for the mess the world is in. All this of course with a sanction of the Church and the academics at the European universities. It was a book which is guaranteed to shake and stir. Sometimes, it is a difficult reading with the frequent bold letters and the repetitious statements. But, if one understands the anger of the authors on the terrible distortion of the world by the European culture, it can be ignored. The book may have a rather unusual style of narration, but I guess that is the technique employed by the authors to give a heavy sledge-hammer impact. The book is as brutal in the expose as the Europeans who ripped the world with their Churches, explorers, academics, and later on, their scientists.

"Too wide in scope, loosely connected and unedited. But manages to bring up many important issues", 21 July 2016

This is one of those books which will elicit mixed reactions from almost every serious reader. In parts it is both great and trivial at the same time. Some paragraphs and sections, recording and analyzing the crimes of Europeans in the colonial era, read like perfection but then the reader stumbles upon an aside which outrageously digresses from the topic and gives an amateurish flavour to the book. The approach is casual, though the pursuit of the subject is passionate...

Lies with Long Legs

Have you read Prof. Aich's book 'Lies with Long Legs'? Buy it if you can. He has really tore into the Western indologists (especially William Jones) and shown that their entire scholarship is based on bluff and ignorance.

I read this interview of Dr Prodosh Aich a few months back but did not post it as I wanted to get my hands on his book. "Lies on Long Legs" is a painstakingly researched book that goes back to primary sources in an effort to find out more about the "History" of India – as we know about it today. Who were these people who "authored" this "history"? What was the basis of their interpretations? What were their intentions? What was their training? What were the factors that might have coloured their understanding and narrative? Dr Aich has attempted to answer these questions in his work. In the interview (excerpts below), Dr Aich labels Max Mueller a "swindler" and William Jones a "fraud". Amongst the many startling things I learnt was that Max Mueller apparently had no formal training in Sanskrit.

This book forms a good source of reference material for the assertions we have been making in the South Asia File,. Prof Prodosh Aich of Oldenberg university has demolished the notion that many of the people who studied India over the centuries have any pretensions to scholarship or knowledge about India. It is clear that neither Max Muller nor Sir William Jones would have passed their PhD qualifying exams had they proposed their hypothesis about the history of India based on such flimsy and shoddy work. But such is the reality of the age we live in that an occidental heritage is the major qualification for international acceptance of one's work. it is this heritage and not the content of the scholarship that determines whether one gets published in the journals of the west. Clearly the dream of Martin Luther King has a long way to go before it becomes reality.

I came across this title last year while I was looking for a book on the Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT). There is plenty material exploring the scientific, geological, archaeological evidence debunking the theory. However I wanted something that examined those who proposed this theory, scrutinized their scholarship and saw how the theory held its own against such an examination. This book does exactly that and I am glad I came across this book.

Book Excerpt of Lies with long legs - 'All trails lead to Calcutta' in SWASTIK JOURNAL

Why did British occupants narrate a hi(story) from far off Bengal, which was eagerly taken up by many Europeans to embroider and elaborate that tale in many fanciful facets? It was not just a harmless story of a conquest. No. All these stories were designed as the "historical justification" for looting, building strongholds, colonising foreign lands with the purpose of sustained exploitation...


Dear Sir,
I am reading your book with plenty of passion, shock, and horror. I salute you for bringing such a book which I am whole heartedly recommending to every living person in my way! It is with a deep sense of shame I am journeying through the book. I am angry at the historians who wrote my textbooks which I read with diligence. The school history has been the biggest fraud in my life and probably the collective life of the country. Why did they do this? Feeding us with half-truths and gross distortions. Anyway, thank you for bringing out such a wonderful book and hope to see many more on similar lines. Why is there no print edition available sir? The online reading is a bit strenuous. I am of the old school who like to smell and feel the book in the hands and then safely sit in the library, displayed with some glory!
Dr Pingali Gopal
Paediatric Surgeon

 Dear brother,

Namaste !

I am Acharya M.R Rajesh, teaching the Vedas to common people irrespective of cast, creed or gender. I completed your book ' Truths ' with full of care. Thanking you, congratulating you etc etc words are merely dump on the book is one of the best book I ever read.

Our website is www.hinduveda.in and my facebook is Acharya M.R Rajesh.

' Lies with long leg ' is not available anywhere now , could you please give a copy of this?

I authored more than 54 books on Vedas including one on prof.Max Muller the real and unreal. Already taught Vedas to more than one lack people, which shows them what is the base of Sanathana Dharma.

Thanking you

Yours lovingly

Acharya M.R Rajesh

[Email dt :22 April 2015]

Namaskar Shri Acharya Rajesh ji,

It is moving receiving such a kind letter of congratulation and to note that our labour has pleased you. Many thanks for your kind letter.

' Lies with long leg ' is available as eBook. If you do not read eBooks, I shall try my best that you receive a printed version. Kindly send me your full address.

I take liberty to send a copy of your letter and of my email to my dedicated young co-author Shri MVR Nair and to Shri Ranganaathan ji.

Most sincerely yours,

Prodosh Aich

[Email dt :22 April 2015]

Dear brother,

Thank you for quick response. Once I completed my reading first I called Ranganathanji who is a dedicated sadhaka of sanathana dharma. I can read ebook.if possible please send me a copy of it by email. I can read it in I book.

See, when I started the 'truths 'I didn't put the book down. Till night two am it continued. Every page is informative. May God give you 100years life as it says in yajurveda.

Acharya m.r.rajesh,

Kasyapa veda research foundation

Nr.corporation stadium,s.k.temple road

Kozhikode 673001

Mob 9197XXXXXX51

[Email dt :22 April 2015]

Dear brother,

Sadar Namasthe

No words. Today's feast. I am a fan of you.please convey my deep regard to your co. Author M.V.R nair who also from my state.

Om. I shall definitely keep in touch with you


Namashkar Prodosh Ji,
I would like to congratulate you on your powerful books that educate & reveal our history to people like myself. Also I am honoured to be able to write to you too.
I am interested in obtaining a couple of books that you have authored. During my research I stumbled on two books which I would like to purchase but they are on kindle, however I am looking for paperback copies of the book titles "lies with long legs" & "Truths: 500 Years European Christians in History."
I have searched on websites but only the German text on "lies with long legs" is available on abebooks.
I am not currently using kindle as such as I am a custom to the traditional way of books & I found an email address on a website to contact you on. I would like to make a request, perhaps you might have hardcopies of the two books I have mentioned, I would like to purchase them if it is possible. Could you let me know if you can sell me copies of the book please I would very much appreciate this?
Thank you for your time. I look forwards to your reply
Kind regards
Om Shaanti
Avatar Raam

Dear Sir
Last year I purchased and went through your book, Truths:500 years.... It is eye opening in deed. We learned from a few authors here or there but very few have been able to give references to original sources. Thank for such a comprehensive source book.

Through this email we request for your kind permission to refer, quote and reproduce sections in our manuscripts under preperation and those yet to come in future. Due credit to your book and no - plagiarism is assured.

It will be giving undue disturbance if we write again and again for individual manuscripts.
Therefore kindly give a General permission in favour of the Global Synergetic Foundation to refer, quote and reproduce sections in our manuscripts under preperation and those yet to come in future and oblige.
Sati Shankar
Global Synergetic Foundation

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